Remember Fake ID?

When I was 16 I got my first fake ID.  My friends and I went to a shady place in Downtown Detroit where everyone was getting them.  I don’t remember how much we paid the guy, but pretty soon, we were all 18, and in 1972 in Michigan 18 was the legal drinking age.  I still have the ID.

Flash forward 39 years and I’m again lying about my age.  I resisted at first and for a couple of years.  Two years ago my girlfriend had just turned 60 and was now qualified for a senior discount at the movies.  She told me to try it, but I was only 53 and absolutely refused to call myself anything like a senior.   She bought two senior tickets and gave me one.  I didn’t want to be seen taking the ticket, lest anyone think I was that old!

However, in these days of saving every dollar you can, and being two years older, but still  five years too young to actually qualify, I have no qualms marching right up to the window and saying, as I did last night “one senior for Terrible Bosses”.  It was $6.50 and I felt good.  What kid at the ticket counter is going to ask an “older” person for ID?  It’s nothing like when I was 16 and trying to get a drink in a bar.  If you say you are a senior, who the hell is going to ask you for ID?  My girlfriend, who is the same age as me, is where I was two years ago.  She refuses to say she is a senior.  So she says “one ticket for Terrible Bosses”.  Then she forks over $9.50!  Three dollars more for refusing to tell this little white lie.

I feel a little creepy for saying I was a senior to save a measly $3.  Creepy because in my mind I am still that 16-year-old trying to get away with being 18.  Creepy because I’m lying to save $3.  And really creepy to say I am a senior.  But, none the less, I’m still willing to do it at the next movie – and hope I don’t get carded again!