Why Do I Need A Land Line?

I have moved around a lot lately.  This is the third place I’ve lived in the last couple of years.  Each time I move I have to order cable and internet.  Those two are musts for me.  Then there’s always the question of a land line.  Why do I need one?  I’ve always had a land line (it used to just be called a phone) so it’s just natural to get one, right?  Most companies are offering very special deals if you “bundle”, that is, buy your internet, cable and land line services together.  I called to try to reduce my bill by removing my land line and was told it would cost me just as much or even more if I did that, because then I wouldn’t have the “bundle” and individually the prices are higher.

But really, who needs one?  I’ve heard it’s good to have a land line for safety.  What happens if your cell phone dies and there is an emergency at home?  You might need it then.  Of course if that emergency is someone trying to break into your house and kill you, well, they usually cut the phone lines, don’t they?  At least they used to in the old scary movies.  Anyway, I always charge my phone, so I don’t have that problem.

I used to have a land line because I couldn’t hear very well over the cell phone, but with today’s Droids and iPhones, the voice technology is perfect most of the time.  I don’t have any dropped calls and have perfect reception in my house, so that’s not an issue either.

The biggest reason not to have a land line is all those telephone solicitors.  I have a non-listed, blocked number and I’ve registered with the Do Not Call people, but it doesn’t seem to stop the solicitors.  With the frequency that land line phone numbers turn over, the solicitors are calling for a person who had my number recently and obviously has very poor credit and owes everyone in town.  They have gotten a little more sophisticated with automated dialing.  The other day the phone rang and when I answered it, the automated voice said “this is a call for Mr. Gemeangket Frkiethikd.  If this is not Mr. Gemeangket Frkiethikd, please press 2.  So now they want ME to do something if they call me on MY phone number asking for someone else and it’s not me.  I don’t have time for that.

Another favorite is when I get the automated calls that go something like this “this is an important call for Sue Barenholtz.  Please call us back at 800-555-1212”.  Wait a minute!  You’re calling me to tell me you have an important call for me but I have to call you to get it?  I don’t think so.  And sometimes I answer and there is no one there at all.  I’m told this is so the solicitors know you are home so they can call you back.  Probably to tell you to call them back.

With a cell phone, you can have the same phone number for life no matter where you live.  You never have to change it.  So why would I want to keep a land line?  Here’s the answer.  I need a land line so I can use it to call my cell phone.  I do this about five times a week.  I try to remember to keep my cell phone in my pocket but sometimes I don’t have pockets or more often than not, I lay it down somewhere and it temporarily disappears.  It’s usually covered by something that I’ve absentmindedly put on top of it.  I have a huge note on the back door that says PHONE so I can remember to take it with me when I leave, but more often than not, I ignore it and don’t think of it until I get into the car.  Then I have get out, go back in the house, find the land line and call my cell phone.  It works every time.  Guess the land line is worth all the hassle.  I think I’ll keep it.


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  1. psychodynamom
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 04:10:01

    I ditched our phone a few years ago. Call me old fashioned, but I still miss it!


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