Cleanse Part 2 – Day 2

It’s 9pm and I just got home from a meeting – there was food there but I just ignored it. I really have not been hungry for 2 days – kind of amazing for me – but I will say that I am so ready to eat food tomorrow. I’m just craving a piece of salmon and steamed broccoli for lunch – I’ll probably dream about it. I didn’t get quite as much water in today – because the morning was shot – woke up for a bit, went back to sleep and slept really hard – could have slept the whole day if the repair guy wasn’t coming over. So I didn’t really get it together till after noon – but I’m still pushing it and will be up for another couple of hours, so I’ll do my best.

I like the daily email I get from Go Cleanse and it includes a 15 or so minute audio which really addressed my temporary nausea and headache – but I was able to sleep it away. So, tomorrow morning the first thing after I pee is to weigh and measure myself again – now that I’ve been doing the cleanse for 4 days. Should be interesting.


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