THE FIRST WEIGH IN – I think my scale is broken!

I had to go on the scale three times and it was the same each time – an 11.2 pound weight loss in 4 days!  Not to mention 12 inches.  The thing I notice most?  My wrists are normal size again, instead of being all swollen like a fat lady.  And my ankles are ankles again – not kankles!  Ken Ludwig, from Go Cleanse is my coach and he is walking me through this step-by-step and explaining that it is not possible to lose 11 pounds of water, or else you would be dead.  It’s the toxins that have been storing themselves in my fat cells that have started moving out because of the enormous amount of water I’ve been drinking, not to mention the limited caloric intake.

So today I was back to 2 shakes and 1 meal – but the shake filled me up in the morning so I wasn’t rushing to eat.  Tonight I went to a happy hour event and had a few raw shrimp because I know I didn’t get in all my calories for lunch but just couldn’t eat any more.  Feeling great and looking great!  And people are noticing – even saying my skin looks great – which has a lot to do with releasing the toxins.

OK, I’m in for the long haul – 79 more pounds to go – next Friday I start on the 30 day race to maintenance.  That’s 5 days with two meals and two shakes and two days of cleanse – repeated 3 more times.  Cute clothes here I come!



I wasn’t hungry when I woke up – I was still kinda sick to my stomach from all the damage I did over the weekend, and especially Sunday night – that old night before the diet – when I eat everything in site because I am never, ever again in life going to have access to that food – how crazy is that? Yet how many times in my life have I done the same thing? Well, this is all about breaking old patterns – or so I’m told by Ken, my coach. He’s good – very good – and tells me exactly how to do every day of the cleanse – if I didn’t have a call with him today I probably wouldn’t be going on to the real cleanse days tomorrow and Thursday – where there is no food – to speak of, unless you call 2 almonds every few hours, but only if I need them (are you serious) along with my cleanse drink, not to be confused with my chocolate shake that I don’t get to have on cleanse days.

But back to today. I waited too long to have my shake because I had a meeting – and by the time it was done I really needed it – then I took a nap because I was really tired. Woke up, did some errands, including going to the grocery store so I could get my supplies for the next two days – dry roasted almonds and organic applies. Mind you I can only have 1/4 of the apply and/or 2 almonds if I need them (seriously) oh and water. I’m supposed to drink a gallon of water a day – do you know how much a gallon of water is? A LOT!  And can we talk about going to the grocery store where there is lots and lots of  food and you can’t have any of it?  Not fun – but I’m told it’s better to go to the grocery store on shake days then it is on cleanse days, so I went today.

Ken told me 20% of the results happen tomorrow and 80% happen the second day – the real cleansing of the toxins “so don’t cheat” he tells me. Before he told me this I was already planning to cheat. Yes, you read that right – I was planning to cheat. And then I realized something. It’s just another way I have always sabotaged myself and set myself up for failure – only in this one thing in life – my weight – but it is the predominate force in my life, so I’m glad I had that realization so early into the process.

So, I’m going to do it – two days is a piece of cake – ok, I know I shouldn’t use that term – it’s a walk in the park, which, by the way, I just did. Not a walk in the park, but I did, for the very first time since I moved to this house in February, take my dogs for a walk around the block. Hard to believe, I know – I haven’t even been able to motivate myself to do that – but that’s in the past – and I’m only looking forward. Wish me luck. If I’m not dead, you’ll hear more from me tomorrow night.